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Yummy Sugar-Free Munchies

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Three o’clock in the afternoon is almost sacred for us Filipinos. Merienda time is definitely something one cannot miss out on. Light snacks one can nibble on at the workstation are quite common. Biscuits, wafers and cookies are favorites – easy to stow away in drawers and easy to chew on. I scoured the food stalls in malls and groceries for sugar-free cookies to satisfy your cravings – goodies that will have you worrying less about raising your blood sugar levels. As with most things in life, moderation is the key. These products may be low in sugar but may still contain calories from fat and protein.

People come to Sugarhouse to sit down with friends, colleagues and family to enjoy the fresh pastries and cakes with a cup of hot, aromatic coffee. Sugarhouse ensaymadas, cookies and cakes make great pasalubong for kids. One may think everything at Sugarhouse is sugar-laden and too sweet for diabetics to eat. But to welcome a wide-array of captive buyers, they offer sugar-free cookies that are as tasty as their sugary alternatives. They have two variants of these sugar-free cookies: the Nutty Choco Cookies and Oatmeal Sesame Cookies. These cookies are sweetened with isomalt, a substance that is sugar-like but has a very low impact on blood sugar levels. Isomalt Definitely a great buy and a superb is now commonly used as a sugar- gift for your diabetic loved ones. substitute and contains half the calories of sugar. The cookies are packed in small jars that sell for P200, with about 25 to 30 cookies per jar. Definitely a great buy and a superb gift for your diabetic loved ones.

Kitchen Ala Ching
Seen in a lot of bazaars, like the Karl Edward Bazaar at the NBC Tent and the American Women’s Club Bazaar at the World Trade Center, food exhibits in malls and a permanent stall at the Greenhills tiangge food section, Kitchen ala Ching offers assorted pastries that are good buys for kids and adults alike.They have really moist cakes, brownies, cupcakes, Food for the Gods-name it, they have it! For diabetics, they have sugar-free Oatmeal Cookies that are surely to-die-for! A jar of 12 huge, chunky cookies sells for P140. They also use isomalt as a sugar substitute. People who order by the bulk are given discounts, so we suggest you grab a jar or two of these nibblers and you won’t be sorry!

Penny Brown
Penny Brown may be a small stall, but it offers soft, delectable and moist cookies that are truly yummy! The best part is that diabetics and health buffs could also grab a fair share of their products.They have the Sinless Sugar-Free cookies, which is so tasty you’d think it was smothered with sugar. Sweetened with isomalt, this cookie is really chunky and loaded with sugar-free chocolate chips. The cookies sell at P30 per piece, while a box of six costs P 120. To add more flavor and color to cookie-eating, Penny Brown offers the Smackers, ice cream served with the cookies acting as “buns”.You’d definitely love it as much as we did! Unique and yummy! Smackers sell at P85 if you choose the regular ice cream and P95 for the sugar-free variant. Indeed a very tasty and filling snack, especially on a warm day. Something you’d love to try with your friends and family.

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