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Young Diabetics Lack Carb, Calories

Though diet does wonders in achieving satisfactory blood sugar levels for people with type 1 diabetes, there’s no template that works for all patients. Take the case of type 1 diabetics under the pre-school age bracket. University of Michigan researchers found that while the young patients have enough intakes of micronutrients, they are consuming low intakes of carbohydrate and calories.

The study which came out in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association observed 33 young type 1 diabetic patients and their diet, including adherence to diet. Conclusions were drawn from three-day diet diaries which gauge the nutrient and caloric intake of young children.

According to the researchers, the participants’ intake of other micronutrients either reached or exceeded the minimum intake levels based on Dietary Reference. On the other hand, the young patients consumed low levels of vitamin B-12 and calcium based on the same reference. Specifically, the young children participants’ daily carbohydrate consumption reached only 80 percent of the daily ideal levels according to their age and weight. Likewise, caloric intake of the patients fell short, only 78 percent, of the ideal levels.

The researchers emphasized the need for individualized diet plans especially for young children who experience “rapid growth during pre-school years”. They advised parents of young diabetic patients to consult dietitians who could modify diet plans accordingly.

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