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Worst Foods for Diabetics

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The top worst foods for diabetics essentially pertain to food that will spike your blood sugar levels which are then absorbed quickly by the blood that can result to different complications if remained unchecked. This type of food is essentially processed such as white flour and sugar. Hereunder are the top worst foods for diabetics.

  1. Sugar. This is most obvious worst food for a diabetic. By sugar, this means all other products that are direct variations of sugar including candies, deserts with sugar syrups, pastillas, and powdered juices among others.
  2. White Rice. Unfortunately for Filipinos, rice, which is the staple food in the Philippines is the no.1 worst food for diabetics. White rice can elevate blood glucose considerably especially if eaten in large quantities. An alternative to this is to eat brown rice instead, which unfortunately is more expensive.
  3. Artificial Sweeteners – contrary to popular belief, this food can decelerate metabolism and boost fat deposition.
  4. Energy Bars – this candy or chocolate bars are filled with sugar which is the main ingredient that gives people energy.
  5. Sports Drinks and Energy Drinks – these drinks are essentially sugar dissolved with water with some few additives for flavour.
  6. White Pasta – Pasta is like rice which is made of flour that turns into sugar once digested. Moreover, pasta also promotes overeating because it is easily digested.
  7. Ketchup and other condiments – These foods are often considered as silent killers because they are usually added merely as flavourings for dishes. Ketchup is bad for diabetics because of its sugar contents. Other condiments such as fish sauce and soy sauce are bad because it promotes heavy eating. It also contains salt that increases thirst.
  8. Pancakes and Syrup – this common breakfast or snack is dangerous for diabetics in a lot of ways. First off, the syrup is primarily sugar. Secondly, the pancake is flour which is also bad for diabetics. Pancakes and syrup is essentially a combination of starch and sugar which are both risky for a diabetic.
  9. Bagels, donuts and ensaymada – these pastries are high in sugar and starch which makes them dodgy for diabetics.
  10. Potatoes – this root veggie is also starchy and can caused the blood sugar to rise quickly.

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