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Withdrawal of Rosiglitazone and Sibutramine Enforced

Following a series of tests that show harmful effects of the known anti-diabetes drug rosiglitazone and anti-obesity drug sibutramine, respective manufacturers and health agencies abroad ordered the withdrawal of these two drugs in the world-wide market.

Rosiglitazone, is an anti-diabetes drug that works as an insulin sensitizer, while sibutramine works as an anti-obesity drug. Both drugs have a reputation of having a positive effect on the patients, either as a stand alone drug, or in combination with other medications.

Although helpful, the harmful side-effects of these two drugs include increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and stroke. These side-effects outweigh the benefits given by rosiglitazone and sibutramine medications.
The Commission on Human Medicines, an independent committee responsible for providing expert advice on drug safety and the FDA advised the public to cease from using these two drugs and have themselves transferred to different medications.

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