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When the ‘Commander’ can’t snap to Attention!

The causes of ED especially among people with diabetes are complex and involve impairment with the nerves, blood vessels and even the muscles. These impairments are brought about by the same elevated blood sugar that causes nerve and blood vessel damage in other parts of the body that cause renal failure, blindness and amputations.

Just remember that to initiate and maintain a normal erection, you must have healthy, functioning blood vessels, nerves, male hormones and the desire to be sexually aroused. Complication of poorly controlled blood sugar can damage the blood vessels and nerves so that even if you have normal amounts of male hormones as well as the desire to engage in sex, you may still fail miserably to snap your commander to attention.

If you are wondering if you are in danger of suffering from ED, just consider the following factors that may increase your risk:

  • Long standing diabetes mellitus
  • Uncontrolled blood sugar
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Overweight/obesity
  • Smoking
  • Previous genito-urinary surgery that may have damaged the nerves and arteries supplying the penis
  • Medications used to treat depression and hypertension
  • Psychological factors

Once you recognize that you or your partner is suffering from this problem, the best thing to do is seek professional help from specialists that would comprehensively investigate the primary cause of ED so that this can be properly addressed. You must take into consideration that conditions other than diabetes may be present that can cause, if not worsen, the problem so that a thorough evaluation should be done.

Luckily, there are available treatments for people with diabetes suffering from ED that comes in tablet form like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, which are available in the Philippines. However, one should be cautious in taking these drugs since these tend to interact with other tablets especially those taken for the heart. You definitely have to talk to your doctor regarding possible danger of the drug and more so the possible drug-drug interactions that may arise when taken with your anti-diabetic and anti-hypertension pills.

Additional treatment that may be considered for diabetics with EDinclude injections in the penile shaft (intro-cavernous injection therapy), vacuum constriction of the penis as well as drugs that are applied in the urethra or the tube which connects the urinary bladder to the outside of the body where urine and semen pass (intra-urethral therapy).

But one should remember that all these medications and devices will readily fail if the general medical condition of the diabetic is not improved. Make sure that before you embark in taking these pills and procedures that your blood sugars, as well as your blood pressure, are controlled.

For Filipino male diabetics consulting for blood sugar control, it is very hard for doctors like us to make them realize that they should be more responsible and proactive in controlling their sugars to target because chronic complications like blindness, kidney failure and amputation might happen. These are precautions that are sometimes heard but never heeded by the macho Filipino diabetics, but anytime you caution them and scare them with the possibility that “the commander may not snap to attention”, lo and behold, you have one compliant subservient patient following your advice to the letter so as he can improve his sugars and that he’ll be ready for his next “tour of duty”. Male diabetics—ATTENTION !!!

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