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Wheelchair Pressure Relief Exercises

Sitting in one position for a long period of time can cause pressure to build up and cut off blood flow. To relieve oneself from pressure, one should take the pressure off by changing position or turning. This is a common problem among people in wheelchairs because they are often in a single sitting position. Hence it is important for people in wheelchair to do relief exercise to remove the pressure in their seated position.

First off, it is important to shift position as much as possible in order to prevent the build of pressure. This can be done simply by leaning to left then to the right, to the front then to the back. It is suggested to carry oneself instead of allowing ones whole body to weigh down on ones buttocks. Relieving pressure in your wheelchair can be performed every 15 – 30 minutes depending on one’s needs.

Aside from leaning from one side to another, one can opt to lie across a bed or table in order to release the pressure in the buttocks. If a patient is capable, one can also lead forward by bringing one’s chest to the knees and holding on that position for a few minutes. One can also tilt the wheelchair as far as possible in order to shift pressure to the back. If one can actually stand or walk, then it would be advisable to stand and walk without the wheel chair to relieve pressure. Make sure however that somebody like a nurse or relative is there to assist you. Aside from the buttocks, one can also opt to move one’s shoulders and arms up and down, as well as neck in order to circulate the blood.

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