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What is Pedia Endocrinology?

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Pedia Endocrinology or Pediatric endocrinology is a medical subspecialty and study that focuses on the changes of physical growth and sexual development among children including infants with endocrine problems such as diabetes. While Pedia Endocrinology is a generalize subspecialty which included growth hormone treatment, it most specializes on type 1 diabetes among infants and children.

Aside from taking care of children with intersex disorders, pedia endocrinologist also deals with hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia (low and high blood sugar) in childhood, variations of puberty or the process of physical changes by which a child’s body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction to enable fertilisation, adrenal or also known as suprarenal glands on the top of the kidney that produces steroid hormones, thyroid glands which controls how quickly the body uses energy, makes proteins, and controls how sensitive the body is to other hormones as well as pituitary gland or the master gland which controls other hormones.

Pediatric endocrinology is also involve in bone metabolism or Bone remodelling where mature bone tissue is removed from the skeleton and new bone tissue is formed, lipid metabolism the processes that involve the intercourse and degradation of lipids such as Bile salts, Cholesterols and Eicosanoids; adolescent gynecology or the health of the female reproductive system (uterus, vagina, and ovaries of children and adolescent; and inborn errors of metabolism or genetic diseases involving disorders of metabolism such as Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism , amino acid metabolism, Urea Cycle Defects, organic acidurias, fatty acid oxidation and mitochondrial metabolism, among others.

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