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What is a Diabetic Charm?

Posted on January 24, 2021 | No Comments on What is a Diabetic Charm?

A diabetic charm is small ornament worn as a necklace or bracelet that basically provide information that the wearer is diabetic and thus require special health needs. This would help guide other people on how to deal with the wearer in case suffers from a diabetic attack like hypoglycaemia, vertigo among others. Diabetes is a disease that requires continuous specialized care and the diabetic charm would inform people in advance that wearer is diabetic.

Diabetes is a lifetime disease that has no cure at the moment. Hence, people who suffer from this disease consider this as a life changing event. The charm help signify important thing in the wearer’s life, to wit, that one is a diabetic. The diabetic charm can be a custom made jewellery made of special gemstones or can be a simple silver plated pendant or trinket with decorative designs, in which is inscribed information like “I have diabetes or I am diabetic”.

Some diabetic charm is believed to have the power or quality of giving protection from danger or harm to the wearer especially from complications of diabetes. In some instances, the charm is believed to add youthful charm, beauty, glamour or loveliness to a diabetic as if by magic. This is especially important to boost the ego of patient who often suffers from depression.

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