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Vegan Diet best for Diabetics?

Diabetic patients are frequently advised to follow a balanced food plan. Despite the many nutritional benefits of a vegetarian diet however, it has not been fully recommended for people with diabetes as it may not provide enough proteins which are usually acquired from animal and dairy products.

The American Diabetes Association said however that even diabetic patients can go vegetarian as
long as they take vitamin supplements.The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says that its research shows that a vegan diet may actually be the best choice for diabetic patients.

In their study, they discovered that those who adopted a low-fat vegan regimen presented great results, from reversing their symptoms to getting off their medication, as compared to those who followed the American Diabetes Association Diet.

Susan Levin, a dietitian with the Physicians Committee says that a plant-based diet provides plenty of nutrients along with natural fiber. “This is what keeps your blood sugars low. This is what helps keep you fuller… so you can lose weight without feeling hungry,” she says.

She advised to think in terms of a nutrition “rainbow”—balancing deep green, red, orange, purple and yellow produce as the basis of a diabetic eating plan. “Even broccoli, that bright green vegetable that is so full of calcium, one-third of its calories are from protein,” she adds.

The Mayo clinic however remains skeptical. They said that a vegetarian diet may help diabetic persons lose weight and improve blood sugar control, but they also advised any patient planning to go vegetarian, especially vegan, should work with a nutritionist to put together a solid eating plan that provides enough nutrients and enough calories to maintain a healthy weight.

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