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Truth about Ampalaya Supplement

Ampalaya Supplement is famous food supplement derived from ampalaya plant or the Momordica charantia plant or bitter gourd. This fruit is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and is known for its bitter taste. The bitter taste of ampalaya makes it difficult to eat to some people hence many people resort to taking the ampalaya supplement to enjoy the nutritious benefits of the fruit without the bitter taste.

The ampalaya supplement has become popular because its manufacturers claim that it is capable of treating different illnesses including cancer and diabetes. It is believed to control diabetes because its bitter taste can counter the amount of blood sugar. The ampalaya fruit per se is not known to treat or prevent diabetes more so the ampalaya supplement. In other words, the ampalaya supplement and the ampalaya fruit for that matter has no Approved Therapeutic Claims. No scientific study or evidence show that ampalaya or the ampalaya supplement can prevent, mitigate or treat diabetes or any other illnesses. All the claims made in the television commercials are at the moment considered as a propaganda that misled people into believing that the bitter gourd is a cure to diabetes.

While there may be some people who might attest for the effectiveness of ampalaya supplements, still no scientific evidence correlates the prevention or treatment of diabetes with ampalaya. The ampalaya supplements and other derivatives like tea have not undergone rigorous scientific testing and study that categorically proves their effectiveness in treating diabetes. Proper diet and insulin regulation remains as the appropriate medication for treating and preventing diabetes.

While taking ampalaya supplements and capsules in not absolutely bad, what makes it appalling is that its manufacturers mislead the people into believing that these supplements can effectively cure diseases. In worst cases, some diabetic patients have abandoned the prescribed medications of their physicians and absolutely relied on ampalaya supplements to cure their sicknesses.

While there are numerous testimonies among its users of the effectiveness of the ampalaya supplement, which its manufacturers apparently try to sensationalize and capitalize, there are also instances and studies which showed that ampalaya supplements tend to result to serious negative complications such as renal failure, disorientation and hypertension. Infact, ampalaya supplements is advisable for diabetics taking insulin because it can magnify the medication resulting to complicated health problems.

Moreover, ampalaya supplements are not recommended to be used by pregnant women because it can cause abnormal bleeding and potential miscarriage. Unfortunately, these facts and initial findings are not being publicized to the public so as not to discredit manufacturers of ampalaya supplements.

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