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Top Insulin Pens for Diabetics

Posted on December 23, 2020 | No Comments on Top Insulin Pens for Diabetics

The use of insulin pens is fast becoming a norm among diabetic patients for its convenience. Insulin pen offers portability which means it can be carried easily anywhere and conveniently be injected anywhere and anytime. It extinguishes the fear of using needles especially among children. Insulin pen allows diabetics to administer insulin discretely. It has a longer shelf life and more importantly, it allows for administering accurate dosage of insulin.

There are different insulin pens available in the Philippine market. Among the top insulin pens for diabetics are as follows and in no particular order.

Novolog/ Novo pen by Novo Nordisk offers a variety of insulin pens and needles that matches the preference of people. It has Novolog for fast acting and PenMate for people who don’t like needles and children.Other fast acting insulin pens included Humalog or Lispro, Aspart, Apidra and Glulisine.

Levemir pen is long acting insulin that has no peak and lasts between 12-18 hours. Another long acting pen is Lantus insulin glargine.

Autopen and Autopen Classic is made from Owen Mumford requires a certain level of dexterity especially for young users.

HumaPen Memoir/ Luxura is a pen that records the date, time, and amount of previous doses. It is made by Lily.

Other insulin pens brands included Byetta, SymlinPen, Victoza, HumaPen, and Humulin.

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