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Top Filipino Snacks for Diabetics

Eating healthy is very important when you have diabetes because it is the key way to manage or keep blood glucose (sugar) in a healthy range. This is difficult however because diabetic condition usually makes one feel hungry or deprive of eating certain regular foods. In lieu of which, here are top Filipino snacks that are best for diabetics.

Singkamas – this is a high in fiber and water which helps quench thirst and keeps one feeling full.
Carrots – similar to singkamas except that it has more beta carotene
Boiled Peanuts – very common and can easily be prepared at home.
Sky Flakes – very easily available in most sari-sari store and is also easy to carry when away
Yogurts – comes in different flavours and helps address cravings for sweets
Banana – helps to keep one full
Apple – keeps the doctor away
Kamote – low GI carb that is cheaper and readily available in rural areas
Cornflakes – can be used for breakfast.

All other typical snacks like bread (pandesal), coffee, cakes and pastries among others can be enjoyed as snack so long as they are eaten in moderation and sugar substitutes are used as sweeteners.

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