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Top Fat Burner Food Available in the Philippines

You can lose weight by eating. Following are foods in the Philippines which can help people lose weight.

Calamansi – Calamansi helps increase body metabolism for food digestion. Some people claim that calamansi fruit juice before every meal helps cleanse the body from fat.

Chili or sili or hot peppers – An alternative to calamansi is sili or chilli, which helps in improving metabolism. It contains capsaicin, which is suppose to cutdown appetite. However some people tend to experience an increase in appetite when eating chilli as condiment. While chilli can help increase metabolism, one should also learn to control appetite for eating.

Egg whites/ meat and fish. These food are high in proteins. Food high in protein helps in burning fat because proteins require more energy to be digested thereby requiring more energy to be used in order to digest. These foods also contain vitamin D which helps increase insulin sensitivity thus helping less calories to end up as fat cells.

Tuna and salmon. When it comes to burning fat, Tuna and salmon essentially works like lean meat and eggs in burning fats because of their high protein contents. Moreover, they also contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids which drive enzymes that trigger fat-burning in cells.

Nuts – an alternative source of protein is nuts, which not only is rich in protein but also contains essential fats, vitamins, potassium and fibres.

Tomatoes – Tomato helps burn fat because it contains fat burning properties that boosts body’s metabolism.

Milk – milk helps in burning fat because of its calcium content which helps in releasing more fat from the cells to be burned.

Banana –helps people lose weight by making one full. It does not help burn fat directly but helps one not to feel hunger or the appetite to eat. However, it also contains enzymes that help to speed up digestion process.

Ampalaya – Bitter gourd helps in increasing body metabolism the help burn fat faster and better.

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