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Top Blood Sugar Gadgets

Posted on June 24, 2020 | No Comments on Top Blood Sugar Gadgets

Thanks to the advances of technology for making life easier for people living with diabetes. One of the major medical breakthroughs in the field of diabetes management and treatment is the advent of different high tech gadgets for monitoring blood sugar levels, which is critical in effectively managing the disease and maintaining a good life for diabetic patients. Here under are top blood sugar gadgets that are currently available in the market.

This is a flashy gadget that can interface with an iPhone to read blood sugar levels. Patients prick their finger with a lancet and then place the sample to the meter that plugs into the iPhone where blood sugar level results will appear in the phone screen, which can then be easily emailed to relatives or doctors.

Glucose monitoring Tattoo
Patients are tattooed with a nanoparticle ink, which automatically changes color (yellow or orange), when blood sugar level down. That tattoo’s “ink” sensitively reacts to blood sugar level changes causing it to glow or dim. This is detected by a small monicle type device that is placed over a tattoo. This new technology rids away of taking finger pokes to get blood samples for blood sugar testing.

Photonic Glucose Sensor
Patients simply wear an armband and a strap-on sensor. Using infrared light technology, the wearer’s blood sugar level is taken by the armband regularly without taking blood samples. Color changes that correspond to specific sugar level changes are detected and read using the strap on sensor.

Sleep Well
This wireless device is designed for parents who are monitoring their diabetic kids. It included a portable monitor that gets signals from a bracelet worn by the diabetic patient. The monitor allows parents to check of their child’s sugar levels and even triggers an alarm when the sugar reaches critical levels. This allows parents not to worry of what is happening of their children as they can monitor their child’s health at the comfort of their home and are immediately alerted in case of emergency situations

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