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Top 10 Worst Foods for Diabetics

The key to living a normal life while having diabetes is living a healthy lifestyle. And part of having a healthy lifestyle is managing one’s diet. While eating food in moderation is the principal way to manage food intake, there are also certain types of food that diabetics must avoid as much as possible. Here under is the list of 10 worst foods for diabetics.

Sugar. One of the primary concerns of diabetic is to keep blood sugar level balance. And the most obvious way to raise one’s sugar level is by adding too much sugar in everything we eat or drink such as in coffee, juices or even in a typical viand.

Candies and Sweets. One obvious source of sugar is candy, cookies and syrup. Sugar is the main ingredient in these types of foods which can dramatically increase blood sugar levels and lead to diabetic complications. Instead of eating processed sugar sweets for desert, it would be advisable for diabetics to alternately eat fruits which are alternative sources of sweets.

White Rice. The Filipino staple food, white rice can also raise blood sugar levels if taken in large quantities.

Instant Juices. While fruit juices is generally a healthy alternative for people, drinking instant juices such as instant teas and instant fruit juices is not really advisable because of its sugar content. These sugary juices are sodas in disguise because they are 90% sugar than fruit.

Ice cream. Apart from its sugar content, ice creams are high in saturated fat, which account for its rich creamy taste.

Bread and pasta. Like rice, bread and pasta are the main source of carbohydrates, which if taken in large quantities can raise blood sugar levels.

Soda or Soft drinks. The high fructose corn syrup is the main ingredient for the sweet taste of a regular soda.

French Fries. French fries is potato soaked in oil (trans-fats), which is generally bad for health and diet.

Donuts and sweet pastries. Pastries and donuts contain loads of sugar which accounts for its sweet taste and directly contributes to high blood sugar levels.

Processed foods. These pertain to all processed foods such as corned beef, hotdogs, hams, meatloaf, and other similar food, which is usually high in sodium and other preservatives.

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