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Top 10 Fitness Equipment

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In ancient times, men carried a newborn calf on their backs every day until it was fully grown to improve body strength.  Egyptians packed sand in bags then use them for swinging and throwing exercises.  And the Greeks used the “halteres” – an object made of metal or stone – for physical activity.

In the medieval period, people used a rod with church bells on both sides as dumbbells.  While knights, in heavy-plated armor while riding a horse, required incredible upper torso control to maintain balance without compromising accuracy in combat.  Could you even imagine what other improvised equipment made of steel, rock or wood people used in the olden days to stay physically fit?  Thank God we are in the present!

Today, the fitness equipment revolution continues to flourish.  Recognizing the need for safer, better, and more compact machines to engage every muscle in the body, companies have developed new and state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

Fitness equipment is essential especially if you have an active lifestyle.  It plays a significant role in whatever purpose you may have – to lose weight, increase body mass, or merely participate in physical activity.  The benefits of these tools are immeasurable.  And as more and more people get involved in exercising, the demands for user-friendly and effective machines become enormous.

It should be noted however that fitness equipment has specific principles to follow, based on scientific findings and research. The body part, repetitions, and form should be strictly monitored. Ergo, you should be very acclimated with such machines, before using or purchasing them.

So whether you are a savvy gym-goer, a busy office-worker, or a beginner in terms of exercising, here’s a guide on the fitness equipment that should be on your exercise list.

1. SHOES. Let’s face it, you cannot exercise without a pair. Incidentally, today’s technology will make it even harder for you to choose what shoes to buy. There are computerized “smart shoes” that automatically adjust to a user’s pace, terrain and even fatigue level. Some provide a gas-filled bag of air inserted to the sole to cushion the impact of running; and the list goes on. How the shoe fits is the most important thing to consider to prevent ankle-related injuries. Walk around in it at the store before cashing out.

2. GLOVES. If you are particular about avoiding callus build-up, then use gloves. This will allow you to exert optimum effort when exercising.
TIP: Choose those with thermal lining such as fleece, wool or cashmere to maintain ideal heat within the glove. Get the weather-resistant surface to repel fluids. Pick gloves with adjustable wrist bands. The colors black, gray and blue are fashionable choices. Check the stitches; smaller and more stitches mean the glove is more durable.

3. HEART RATE STRAP. Others might deem this unnecessary due to monetary concerns. However, monitoring your heart rate is highly advisable.
Why? Regardless of your current health condition, your heart’s performance will be the barometer of your exercise output.
How? Maintain 50 to 60 percent of your target heart rate and you are in a perfect form to exercise. Increase it to 60 to 70 percent and you are in the “fat burning zone”.

While there may be an array of cardiovascular equipment in the market, which one to use will depend on your needs. Though among all the list commercial cardio machines, I personally recommend the treadmill. Why? the fundamental and most primitive human movement is walking. It is also the simplest unsophisticated form of exercise that almost anybody can do. In exercising, simply increase or vary the intensity based on you goal and objective. Remember that all cardio machines target one specific muscle: the heart. Other cardio machines are the elliptical machines, bikes, rowers and steppers.

5. Bands. Arguably the most useful, versatile, yet simple and cheap inventions in fitness technology. They provide a magnitude of movements from basic to advance levels. Bands or exercise bands are heavy-duty rubber strips used in the gym and in rehabilitation and therapy facilities. Resistance of the strips depends on thickness and length. Among the exercises and muscles using exercise bands are:

Arm curls: Biceps
Chest Press: Pectorals
Raises: shoulders
Standing ab crunch: rectus abdominis
Pushdown: Triceps
Hip extension: glutes
Row: Latissimus Dorsi
Abductor: Hips
Upright Row: Trapezus
Core Twist: Lower back, abs

6. Exercise balls. Contrary to the bands, exercise balls are not for resistance training by themselves. Instead, they offer assistance, support and add variety when doing exercises. Exercises are squats, chest press, ab crunches, hip extensions and more.

7. Weights. There has been resurgence on the use of free weights in the past century. Women, particularly, have gone out of the aerobics to the weight room. Thanks to the advancement in fitness technology, weight or resistance training now comes in different forms for easy use.

8. MATS. People used to rely on fitness clubs and centers to provide exercise mats. But as pilates and yoga have drawn massive attention, mats became a precious necessity. The use of mats however is not restricted to the above-mentioned wellness activities. Aside from body weight and abdominal exercises, mats are also used for pre- and post-exercise tasks such as warming up, stretching and cooling down.
TIPS: Mats normally are made of natural rubber and jute. Variations are made of PVC or latex. Make sure the mat fits your body, provides proper cushion and is easy to carry. Fluid or sweat should be easily wiped clean, which will depend on the mat’s material.

9. BENCHES. Probably the most conventional gym equipment used by the past and present-day man, benches serve a lot of purpose. Under this category are dip machines and pull up bars. Now, new benches accommodate more exercises for the lower back and the abdominals. Here’s a list of exercises using benches:
Bench press and flyes Dumbbell Row Pull over
Forearm curls
Hanging Leg Raise
Hanging Knee Raise
Chin ups
Pull Ups
Tricep Dips
Bent Deltoid Raises
Arm Curl
Tricep Kickback
Shoulder Press
French press
Reverse Crunches
Cable Rows
Back Extension
Oblique Crunch

10. BOARDS. Last but definitely not the least, the step board should be in your top 10 list of fitness equipment. A lot of people exclusively think of aerobics or group exercise when they hear step boards. Wrong! Just like exercise balls,
step boards provide a variation for basic exercises. Simple lateral raises could become a complex movement combined with knee raises using this equipment. Basic and dynamic cardiovascular exercises can be done using step boards as well. From step crossovers, legs curls, plyometric exercises, and so on.

Gone are the days when you have to use rusty and wobbly dumbbells, or exercise down in your gloomy basement. Fitness equipment is evolving as we speak. Today, the world of fitness is getting better in time with new machines, workout, and equipment. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will never reap the astronomical benefits of fitness equipment.

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