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Top 10 Diseases in the Philippines

The Philippines is a southeast Asian country, which distinguishes itself from its neighbors with its more western like culture because the country had been under western colonial rule for over 300 years. It is also the home for Filipinos, who are the most travelled people in the world. Because the place is a paradise, it is also the 12th most populous country in the world. The top 10 leading diseases in the Philippines are also the leading cause of death in the country.

  1. Heart Disease – caused by constricting flow of blood and oxygen to the heart due to obesity or high cholesterol.
  2. Vascular Disease – refers to disease in the circulatory system which is also related to heart problems.
  3. Hypertension – or high blood pressure because most Filipinos are fond of eating food high in bad cholesterol.
  4. Cancer – refers to the prevalence of abnormal caner cells infecting an organ primarily due to the habit of Filipinos to over-indulge on liquor, food or other vices.
  5. Tuberculosis – a bacterial disease infecting the lungs because of smoking and air pollution.
  6. Respiratory diseases – any disease the affects the respiratory system which is due mainly to the Filipinos indulgence to smoking. The country is where people can buy the cheapest cigarettes in Asia.
  7. Diabetes – a metabolism disorder characterized by inability of the body to balance sugar. This is primarily caused by the fondness of Filipinos to eat processed foods.
  8. Pneumonia – an infection in the lungs caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. This is common among hard working Filipinos who has the habit of letting their shirts dry off after sweating from work.
  9. Diarrhea – characterized by loose bowel movement and dehydration. Still common in the rural areas in the provinces where people have no access of clean water.
  10. Dengue – a deadly disease caused by a mosquito carrying dengue virus. Common in the Philippines because of prevalence of floods in the metro.

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