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Too Much TV No Good for Diabetic Kids

Children and television are inseparable.  A daily dose of cartoons and other TV fare is commonplace for a child of the new millennium.  However, a Norweigan study shows that children with diabetes who spend more time in front of the television have a tougher time controlling their blood sugar. The study claims that children with Type I diabetes who are encouraged to watch less TV have a higher chance of controlling their blood sugar levels. The same study explains that although a relationship between watching TV and the control of blood sugar levels was formed, the underlying factors that make up this relationship still have to be known.

“If the researcher’s theory is right, then turning off the TV could be added to the health care system’s list of low-cost remedies,” said Dr. Francine Kaufman, head of a diabetes program at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Indeed, this and otherr studies support what common sense tells us: that a couch potato, of whatever age, has less chances at good health than an active type who gets lots of exercise and fresh air.

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