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Tips To Strike Out Stroke

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Being diabetic makes you at risk for stroke. A stroke occurs when blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted and brain tissues are damaged. Several studies have shown that people with diabetes are at a greater risk for stroke compared ko people without diabetes regardless of the number of risk factors they have. Poor management of blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol make diabetics prone to suffer and eventually die from stroke. Don’t wait for stroke to hit you. Empower yourself by heeding these tips to prevent stroke in diabetes.


Manage your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol well.  If one of these is not properly managed, you suffer the consequences of diabetes complications like stroke. Proper management of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol is essential to prevent you from developing stroke. Be sure to monitor all of these on a regular basis or as advised by your physician.

Watch your weight. Weight gain among diabetics affects the levels of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. Be cautious of what you eat. Follow your meal plan as provided by your doctor in order to maintain the weight intended for your situation.

Exercise regularly. Regular exercise as instructed by your physician is important in combating stroke. It promotes smooth flow of blood in the blood vessels. Sedentary lifestyle promotes obesity which leads to a series of chronic diseases like diabetes and stroke. Engage yourself in different physical activities that will make you healthy and strong.

Eat fatty and sugary food. Eating food rich in sugar and saturated or animal fat contributes to high cholesterol, high blood sugar and even high blood pressure. Be sensitive to your needs by eating healthy and nutritious food. Indulge in low-fat and sugar-free delicacies.

Light a stick. Cigarette smoking raises your risk of getting stroke. Diabetics don’t get any benefits from smoking. Stop smoking and you lessen your chances of getting stroke and other deadly complications.

Skip your meds. Take your medications for blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar faithfully. Medications to prevent blood from clogging up your arteries such as aspirinn and clopidogrel may also be recommended by your physician.

Above all, see your doctor for regular consultation and treatment. Don’t let stroke strike you. Love yourself by living healthy. Diabetes and stroke must not hinder you from having the best things in life.

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