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Tikoy Bad for Diabetics?

Posted on March 5, 2021 | No Comments on Tikoy Bad for Diabetics?

Nian gao or Tikoy, the traditional sweet cake often served during the Chinese New is primarily made from glutinous rice, which is pounded or ground into a paste, moulded and steamed. Tikoy can be served as is or fried with scrambled egg.

Tikoy can be eaten by diabetic people only in moderation. This is because tikoy is primarily made of rice or whole grain, which can raise blood sugar levels. As such, it has high Carbohydrate Content, which can definitely affect blood sugar. Moreover, the rice made tikoy has a high gylcemic index which is over 70, which means that it can quickly cause blood sugar levels to peak within a short period of time, which can damage blood vessels and nerves. Apart from this, most modern commercial tikoy cakes are added with preservatives and artificial flavourings (pandan, ube mocca). These artificial flavourings are primarily sugar, which further increase the carb content of Tikoy. The preservatives on the other hand are not natural and are used in order to lengthen the shelf life of the tikoy and hence can add additional complications for those with diabetes.

In lieu of the above, Tikoy is not recommended to people with diabetes. It is not good for them. However, if one cannot be prevented from eating Tikoy, their relatives should make sure that they eat the cake in strict moderation.

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