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Teardrops accurate to Test Blood Sugar

Diabetes patients may now say goodbye to the pains of those routine pricks of drawing blood, because scientists may have developed a less painful way to check their glucose levels – just by tears.

According to Mark Meyerhoff and his team of researchers at the University of Michigan, despite the need for diabetes patients to check their blood glucose levels several times a day, the pain of daily pinpricking is enough to discourage patients to remain loyal to the glucose testing routine. Failure to abide by the routine leads to poor glycemic control, making patients prone to develop microvascular complications, which can lead to grave diseases such as neuropathy and retinopathy, thus endangering their lives even more.

With this, Meyerhoff’s team discovered the possibility that tears may be used instead – several times a day, sans the pain of drawing blood.

In their experiment, the researchers used rabbits as surrogates for humans. It showed that using an electrochemical sensor device, glucose levels in rabbits’ tears accurately matched with the blood glucose levels.

“Astrong correlation betweentearand blood glucose levels was found, suggesting that measurement of tear glucose is a potential noninvasive substitute for blood glucose measurements, and the new sensor configuration could aid in conducting further research in this direction,” said the researchers.

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