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Tea to Enjoy Hot or Cold

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“Care for some tea?” You’d likely hear the British say this every afternoon. Together with some cookies, milk, and a bit of sugar, it makes for their perfect afternoon treat.

But tea is not exclusive to the British. In fact, it is present all over the world and is enjoyed by different cures, in more ways than one.

Tea, which comes from leaves or buds of a bush called Camellia sinensis, is known for its antioxidants and its power to refresh the body. Though China is widely recognized as the original home of tea, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Korea are now labeled as the top producers of this soothing drink. Which is why every time you go to Chinese or Japanese restaurants, tea is served like water.

Sought after for its medicinal purposes for hundreds of years, tea is best to refresh and revive a fired body. Whether hot or cold, plain or mixed with fruits and mint, tea has weaved its way through thousands of generations and civilizations with its lingering and soothing effect that continuously impress its regular drinkers.

The Tea Square, which is now fast becoming popular because of its many food court stalls in malls, offers a more exciting way of tea drinking. They have a wide variety of green and fruit teas to attract those who aren’t much into drinking tea. Alongside their non-traditional-flavored teas, Tea Square offers FrosTeas, the refreshingly delightful ice-blended shakes.

For those with diabetes who are watching their food intake, Tea Square’s Plain Green Tea is a perfect mix primarily because of its natural form. According to Mr. Richard Sanz, “Our green tea is of very premium quality, and it is served very fresh, shaken with ice and is taste-adjustable if the customer wants fructose, little fructose, or no fructose at all.” For only P35, you can have a hip way to enjoy iced cold tea.

Oolong tea is among the many tea varieties. It reportedly contains a large quantity of polyphenol, which is believed to give this tea its delicious flavor and its triglyceride-reducing and free radical-removal capabilities. In the Philippines, Gold Leaf offers high-grade Oolong tea that can naturally burn fat with regular drinking. So you don’t only get health benefits, you can also help reduce your body’s unwanted fat. Found in all leading supermarkets, a box of 25 individually wrapped Gold Leaf’s Oolong Tea costs P67.50.

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