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Spearmint Tea for Diabetes

July 9, 2020 Category :Diabetes Research 0

A spearmint tea is prepared simply by immersing spearmint leaves (from the plant Mentha spicata or Yerba Buena) in boiling water. Menthol which is extracted primarily from leaves of mint plants like eucalyptus and spearmint generally helps in lowering blood sugar levels. However, even if mint teas can effectively lower blood glucose levels, it is not generally advise for diabetic patients to drink mint teas in general on a regular basis because the menthol can restrict or obstruct with regular diabetic medications which may even caused further damage. Moreover, the lowering of blood sugar levels can be reduced at critical levels resulting to hypoglycemia, which is itself deadly. Diabetic patients should therefore drink spearmint tea under the supervision of a physician.

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Top 10 Herbs which may Save your Life

January 18, 2020 Category :Healthy Recipes 0

Our ancestors had longer lifespan and they had no pills or medicines to help them survive during that time. Though the environment and eating norms have changed dramatically through the years, the body’s reaction to natural herbs remains the same.

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