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Buffalo Chicken Pockets

September 22, 2018 Category :Healthy Recipes 0

Imagine all the fiery hotness of buffalo chicken slices with blue cheese dressing stuffed in pita bread Рall that healthy goodness in one pocket.  You can use tortillas and roll into a wrap.

Yield: 4 servings

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Roasted Vegetables in Whole Wheat Bread

September 29, 2012 Category :Healthy Recipes 0

Consider that vvegetables release their innermost flavors when slightly cooked, Chef Junjun shares this recipe of roasted vegetables partnered with whole wheat bread. He explains that the term “roasted” may trick you at the onset since it may imply a taxing effort, but, he says “you can just put it in the pan grill just to release the water from the vegetables.”

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