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Taebo and diabetes

January 14, 2021 Category :Physical Wellness 0

Tae Bo which combines tae kwon do and boxing is a body work out developed by Billy Blanks in the 1990s which become popular because it is an excellent cardiovascular workout and for toning the body which was palatable to body conscious young generation and health conscious aging population.

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Benefits of Tae Bo Exercise

October 10, 2020 Category :Fitness 0

Tae Bo is a cardio boxing body fitness system developed by American taekwondo practitioner Billy Blanks in 1976 that integrates Martial Arts and exercise. The term Tae Bo is a combination of tae kwon do and boxing and is an acronym that stands for T for Total commitment to whatever you do, A for Awareness of yourself and the world, E for Excellence, the truest goal in anything you do, B for Body as a force for total change and O for Obedience to your will and your true desire for change.

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