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Exercising in the Summer Heat

May 2, 2021 Category :Fitness 0

Summer is a great time to get active with outdoor activities like hiking, jet skiing, wind surfing, cycling, and swimming. There’s something refreshing and invigorating about working out with the wind in your face and the sun on your back. But exercising in the heat can have hidden dangers, especially for diabetics who are more prone to dehydration and overheating than other people. To keep safe and enjoy the rest of your summer workouts, heed the following tips. » Continue Reading

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Badminton and Diabetes

November 18, 2020 Category :Fitness 0

The best and most effective way of strengthening one’s immune system is through physical exercises or sports activities because they increase breathing, induce blood circulation and help burn fats. And one of the easiest and most convenient form of sport activity that people especially diabetics can perform is badminton as more and more people are switching to it as their regular physical activity.

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