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Best Pasalubong for Diabetics

October 7, 2020 Category :Diabetes Research 0

The best pasalubong will always be something that will be useful and beneficial to the receiver. In case of diabetics, a great pasalubong would be items he or she can use or food that he or she can eat. Items that a diabetic can use can include a syringe pen for conveniently injecting insulin, herbal supplements for diabetes, or other healthy vitamins.

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Sugar Free Cakes for Diabetics

July 6, 2020 Category :Healthy Recipes 0

Having the illness of Diabetes is the number one cause of mortality all over the world. Complications and other related culprits in having this kind of illness is the source of collapsing of the internal organs of the body. Lifestyle and other sources of unhealthy way of life sometimes is the cause of having this disease. That is why eating healthy foods or mainly the right amount of food in moderation is recommended, especially for those who have their history in their family of having one.

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