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Softdrinks and Diabetes

January 20, 2018 Category :Diabetes Facts 0

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Diet Softdrinks linked to Type 2 Diabetes

July 15, 2014 Category :Diabetes Research 0

If you think diet beverages are better than regular colas, think again. A new France-based study showed that diet or “light” versions of softdrinks may put drinkers at a considerably higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

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Child Obesity Philippines

March 25, 2014 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

Child obesity in the Philippines is a silent plague. Many children are suffering from obesity especially among middle class families. This can be attributed to many reasons. First off, the problem of obesity in the Philippines is veiled by the prevalence of malnourished children in impoverished rural areas. Because of this, there a perceived wrong conception that malnourishment is the bigger problem than obesity.

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Child Obesity in the Philippines

April 27, 2013 Category :Health Watch 0

Obesity or being overweight has grown in the last couple of decades into alarming levels especially with the prevalence of junk food and fast food across the world. Obesity worsens as it is also afflicting children at very young ages making them more at risk with diseases related to obesity such as hypertension, cardiac arrest and even psychological depression.

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