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Dialysis Linked to Foot Ulcers

July 24, 2022 Category :Diabetes Research 1

Having constant dialysis treatment usually requires dishing out huge amounts of cash. In fact, it’s so financially taxing that it may even literally cost you a leg someday.

According to a recent report, dialysis treatment have been independently linked to foot ulcerations, a skin ulcer that can lead to foot amputation if unchecked, in patients with diabetes and advanced stage IV or V chronic kidney disease.

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Health Benefits of Niyog Niyogan

January 28, 2021 Category :Healthy News 0

Also known as Chinese honeysuckle, Rangoon Creeper and Quiscual, Niyog-niyogan is a large climbing, woody shrub that is native in Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines that grows up to 20 feet with rounded leaves and fragrant and colorful flowers of white, red, reddish purple, pink red to orange. It also has an edible fruit with black seeds.

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