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Diabetic Skin Infections

September 4, 2018 Category :Diabetes Research 0

People with diabetes are more prone to skin problems than people who do not have diabetes. As many as one-third of people afflicted with diabetes will have a diabetes-related skin disorder at some time in their lives. In fact, skin problems are sometimes the first signs that a person has diabetes. There are two reasons for this and both have to do with elevated blood sugar levels. First, many infection-causing microorganisms feed on the excess glucose in the blood of diabetics. On the other hand, the higher than normal glucose levels impair the immune system that fights infections. » Continue Reading

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Aromatherapy for Diabetics

February 8, 2015 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils from aromatic plants, which are either inhaled, diluted and applied topically to the skin of patient, which help address many symptoms ranging from insomnia and depression to poor skin integrity, slow-healing wounds, and infection. The fragrance stimulates the olfactory system that triggers a body reaction or responses that affect the healing process. The sense of smell plays an important role in our survival as well as our quality of life. It is the last senses to fade as we die.

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Diabetes and Mottled Skin

April 9, 2014 Category :Diabetes Research 0

A mottled skin is a skin condition characterized by discoloration of skin in irregular patches. It is often described as dark spots located on the lower extremities of the legs or shins. There are many causes of mottled skin. This condition can be experienced by people with depression, multiple sclerosis, acne cystic, back pain, rheumatoid arthritis. However, diabetics are also vulnerable to have mottled skin which constitutes part of diabetic dermopathy, which is often accompanied by hair loss, cold toes, nail changes, and edema. In other words, diabetes can be a cause of mottled skin. But these rashes also appear among people who are at risk of diabetes, or have a family history of diabetes.

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