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Pioneering the Fight Against Diabetes

April 28, 2022 Category :People and Places 2

A meeting with some representatives of the Department of Health some time ago showed the indifference of health officials, and Filipinos alike, towards diabetes. Five hundred new cases reported everyday, yet to them it is JUST diabetes—something that frustrates the man they call “Father of Philippine Diabetology“. » Continue Reading

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Diabetes and Heart Disease: A Dangerous Duo

July 4, 2021 Category :Diabetes Facts| Diabetes Research 0

Diabetes is a common silent metabolic abnormality, manifested by elevated blood sugar levels, which causes significant cardiovascular disease and death without appropriate treatment. Similar to other risk factors such as abnormal cholesterol levels and hypertension, which in most cases are without symptoms, diabetes can occur for long periods of time in an individual, undetected and unrecognized. This disregard may result in the individual developing serious, life-threatening complications on the heart, kidney, brain, eyes and peripheral arteries over time. » Continue Reading

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Anti Obesity Pills in the Philippines

February 28, 2021 Category :Health Watch 0

Obesity in silent killer around the globe because it is a cause of many diseases that in turn results to increasing mortality. Moreover, the younger generation are also becoming more health and figure conscious. Under these premises, anti obesity pills are prevalent in the market. These pills are essentially drugs which promise to reduce or control weight. Anti obesity pills are suppose to help people reduce weight or lose fat without the rigours and hard work of exercise and the struggle of controlling eating.

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