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Salmon Bake

July 8, 2022 Category :Healthy Recipes 0

This delicious baked dish is certain to please everyone in the family.  The gratin mixture on top makes for a crunchy bite that leaves everyone savoring for more.  It is quite difficult to believe that this dish can be prepared in no time at all.  Perfect for holidays and beyond.

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Tilapia Worse than Bacon?

November 7, 2019 Category :Diabetes Facts| Health Watch 0

Question: Is it true that Tilapia is worse than Bacon?

When I received this question, the first thing that came to mind was maybe there are some harmful chemicals in the fish feed or pesticides in the water that make tilapia even worse than bacon (an item ranked way down on the ‘healthy food’ list). I surmised, what goes into tilapia, goes into you, too.

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