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Diabetic Skin Care Tips for Allergies

April 10, 2022 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Diabetic Skin Care Tips for Allergies

• Avoid touching trigger substances.
• If trigger substances cannot be avoided, protect the skin from substance. Wearing clothing such as long sleeves or gloves can be very helpful.
• Washing with soap and water can remove or inactivate the substance immediately after exposure.
• Minimize scratching at all times to prevent skin breaks and infection.
• Moist /cool compresses can relieve severe itching.
• Use topical anti-allergy medications such as hydrocortisone creams.
• Oral anti-histamine can relieve allergic reaction and itching.
• For open wounds, topical antibiotics must be applied to prevent infection.
• For rashes that do not improve or continue to spread, see your doctor.
• Upon consultation, always inform your doctor that you are diabetic and enumerate your present medications. Prescribed medicines for the allergy may be the cause of allergy, may react with medicines for diabetes or may be contraindicated for your present medical conditions.
• For frequent allergies, steps should be taken to identify the allergen through skin prick or patch testing.

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