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Stress: Where Less is More

July 13, 2018 Category :Stress Busters 0

Diabetes patients grapple with the demands of self-management (home blood sugar testing, diet and exercise requirements, medicine intake, and so forth) over and above their other concerns (work, finances, family and other relations). Living with diabetes day in and day out can really shoot one’s stress levels through the roof. If one is unable to cope, then a “nervous breakdown” may ensue. » Continue Reading

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Unnerving Truth About Diabetic Neuropathy

September 17, 2017 Category :Diabetes Facts| Diabetes Research 0

Consider this as your daily fare – pins and needles piercing your toes or a hundred critters crawling under your skin or tiny blades dicing your soles or the sensation of treading barefoot on coal. Today it could be that irksome numbness on your fingers, tomorrow it could be an irrepressible burning pain in your feet. In no time, you turn into a nervous wreck. Literally. But sans the hysteria. » Continue Reading

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