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Benefits of Candesartan

September 8, 2022 Category :Healthy News 0

A treasure in the management of cardiometabolic diseases. In the last ten years, the prevalence of diabetes worldwide has increased at such an alarming rate, and the number of diabetics is expected to reach 350 million by 2025, which is barely 15 years from now. The Philippines is projected to be among the top ten countries showing a rapid increase in the prevalence of the disease. Diabetes has been known to cluster with other risk factors particularly hypertension—another killer—and local health experts are alarmed that diabetes and hypertension form a metabolic ‘time bomb’ waiting to explode, as it continues to maim or kill countless victims in the country and worldwide.

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Screening for the Microvascular Complications of Diabetes

June 7, 2020 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Diabetes, a long-standing disease that may seem to be silent in the early years after diagnosis may not be really silent after all. Ten to 15 years after the diagnosis has been made (sometimes even before diagnosis), the microvascular complications arise because of poorly controlled blood sugars. In the management of diabetes, it is not only blood sugars that we are after; moreover, we are after the prevention of diabetic complications. The direct and indirect effects of high blood sugars on the blood vessels are the major source of hospitalization and even death among diabetic patients; these are called the vascular complications of diabetes.

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