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The Perfect Model of a Family Woman

October 18, 2021 Category :People and Places 0

Maria Cecilia “Maricel” Laxa Pangilinan is a common household name today, having appeared in several commercials endorsing products mothers commonly use at home and foods that children enjoy eating. But before these, Maricel was known as the actress that has appeared in several movies and teleseryes. Her versatility as an actress has gained her roles in both drama and comedy movies. She made her name in the industry when she starred in the movie lisa Pa Lamang, and it was there that she garnered a FAMAS award for Best Supporting Actress for her stellar performance. Her unparalleled experience in showbiz qualified her as a juror in ABS-CBN’s Star Circle Quest, and has recently appeared in the just concluded soap, Ysabella, where she played the young Victoria Amarillo. » Continue Reading

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