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Experiencing Hypoglycemia?

June 8, 2019 Category :Diabetes Facts 0

I would just like to ask if it is normal for a non-diabetic to experience hypoglycemic attacks? When I was young, I used to have bouts of hypoglycemia, and in order for me to get relieved from the attack, my mom would let me eat sweets, or a teaspoon of sugar, or let me drink Coke. When I asked her why I was experiencing those attacks, she answered that it may be due to my low blood sugar in the body, and that it may be sometimes triggered by a non conducive environment where I’m at, or because of too much exhaustion. What is the scientific truth behind hypoglycemia? Is it really likely to happen to normal people, or is it a sign that an individual has to visit a doctor or endocrinologist to check on his or her risk for diabetes?

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Diabetes For Hire!

November 16, 2018 Category :Diabetes Facts| Healthy Advocacy 0

Any person with diabetes, whether insulin dependent or non–insulin dependent, should be eligible for any employment for which he or she is otherwise qualified.” This was the position adopted by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) as early as 1984 regarding employment of people with diabetes. » Continue Reading

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Vertigo and Diabetes

August 15, 2017 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Vertigo, or dizziness is an incident wherein you experience unbalance and unsteadiness as a result affecting the brain or ears. Diabetes is such a diverse condition with many complications, and so it has always been associated with vertigo in a lot of ways by affecting different parts of the body.

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