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Diabetes Team

June 23, 2022 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

Diabetes is a serious, common and costly disease that affects 4 percent of the Philippine population. Some 800,000 new cases are diagnosed annually. The complications of diabetes include cardiovascular disease, blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, and lower extremity amputations. These complications subsequently result in higher rates of disability, increases in use of health care services, lost days from work, and unemployment, and decreased quality of life. » Continue Reading

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BCAA Supplements and Diabetes

January 20, 2021 Category :Diabetes Research 0

BCAA or Branched-chain amino acids are essential nutrients from proteins found in meat, dairy products, and legumes. BCAA supplements are commonly used to treat poor appetite in elderly who are suffering from kidney failure and to prevent fatigue and improve concentration. Some athletes use BCAA to improve exercise performance. Still others use it as a dietary supplement for people having problems with eating such as diabetic people. BCAA help stimulate the building of protein in muscle and perhaps decrease muscle breakdown which is generally ideal for sick people to prevent muscle loss.

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Snake Bite Complications for Diabetics

September 21, 2020 Category :Health Watch 0

While only about 15% worldwide of over 3000 species of snakes are poisonous, some venom of snakes are dangerous which can cause death due to intoxication. Among the snakes species that are most lethal is the pit viper. The venom of snakes has systemic effects such as coagulopathy characterized by local tissue damage, hemolysis and defects in the functioning of the heart, nerves and the kidney.

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Simultaneous Kidney and Pancreas Transplants Prove Beneficial

August 21, 2019 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Type 1 diabetics are given a new surge of hope as researchers from the University of Heidelberg in Germany suggest that getting a kidney transplant as well as a pancreas transplant can greatly improve the recipient’s survival over the long term. Although the reason behind this is still not fully known, researchers note that it maybe because of the enhanced glucose control achieved with the combined procedure.

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Pre-Diabetes Timebomb Warning

April 21, 2019 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Diabetes UK warned around 7 million people in the UK who have early warning signs of diabetes about the long-term damage if they would not change .2 their unhealthy lifestyle. “People with higher than normal blood sugar levels are 12 times more at risk in developing full-blown type 2 diabetes,” Diabetes UK chief executive Douglas Smallwood said.

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Excess B-Vitamin may worsen Kidney Problems

December 15, 2018 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Diabetics should realize that even good things, when taken in excess, can lead to bad results. And vitamins are no exception to this universal rule. This includes B-complex vitamins which diabetics frequently take, sometimes in big doses.

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Depression increases Cardiovascular Risk

December 13, 2018 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Apart from sugary foods and cigarette smoke, diabetics should start avoiding excess depression too.

A study revealed that overtly depressed adults with type 2 diabetes run a higher risk of having microvascular and macrovascular complications, despite having good health maintenance. Microvascular complications include eye, kidney and nerve complications, leading to blindness, kidney failure and severe numbness and weakness of the extremities and other parts of the body. Macrovascular complications include narrowing of the arteries in the heart, brain and peripheral or leg circulation leading to heart attack, stroke and leg amputations.

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