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The Glycemic Index

February 7, 2022 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Carbohydrates present in bread and other bakery products, rice, root crops, cereals, fruits and vegetables contributes to 70 percent of the total dietary intake among Filipinos (2003 FNRI-DOST National Nutrition Survey). Carbohydrate foods may be classified as “available” or “unavailable”. Available carbohydrates are the easily digested food, e.g.white bread and rice, while the unavailable carbohydrates are the slowly digested food, e.g. high fiber foods like kamote and mongo. » Continue Reading

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Top Filipino Snacks for Diabetics

February 8, 2021 Category :Healthy News 0

Eating healthy is very important when you have diabetes because it is the key way to manage or keep blood glucose (sugar) in a healthy range. This is difficult however because diabetic condition usually makes one feel hungry or deprive of eating certain regular foods. In lieu of which, here are top Filipino snacks that are best for diabetics.

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