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Mary Mediatrix Medical Center unveils endocrine, diabetes, and metabolic facility

October 19, 2022 Category :People and Places 0

The province of Batangas, the home of kapeng barako, is not spared from the increasing number of patients with diabetes. Patients from different far-flung barrios have sought consultation with physicians in their respective health centers, and those with extra resources have opted to see medical specialists in tertiary hospitals. There was also noticeable increase in admissions due to diabetes, often due to complications (nonhealing wound, infection, stroke, and heart problems).

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A Journey to Motherhood

August 26, 2021 Category :People and Places 0

Penny Ovejera, a 34 year-old full time mother and wife, hung on to this particular saying during her struggle with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). It had not been an easy journey for her, but with her deep faith in God and the loving support of her family, she was able to overcome it all. » Continue Reading

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Sugar Mommies

July 26, 2021 Category :Diabetes Facts| Diabetes Research 0

Motherhood is often illustrated by images of a woman cuddling an infant or holding a child. But motherhood actually starts with conception while the baby is inside the womb. It is the mother’s duty to nurture the infant by taking care of her body throughout pregnancy. Sadly though, there are some diseases that are brought about by the changes that occur during pregnancy and these can affect both maternal and fetal well-being. » Continue Reading

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