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How to Prevent and Treat Colds

December 2, 2018 Category :Diabetes Facts| Healthy Advocacy 0

It’s Christmas season once again and, incidentally, flu season as well. During the holidays, cold weather is felt worldwide, and simple coughs and colds are very common. People with chronic diseases like diabetes are more susceptible to colds or flu complications. Having colds most especially among diabetics is a big no-no. Any illness or infection like colds can cause high blood sugar. Here are some ways to prevent and treat a cold. » Continue Reading

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Should You Exercise When You Have a Cold?

August 17, 2018 Category :Fitness 0

Committed exercisers dread getting sick because they have to stop exercising. They know it is easy to lose momentum and difficult to start again. So what should they do if they are feeling under the weather? Should they continue exercising? How long should they rest? How soon can they return to exercise? » Continue Reading

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Diabetes in Pregnancy may Increase Risk of Autism

February 28, 2012 Category :Diabetes Research 0

A recent study, aimed at knowing what factors during pregnancy could affect the risk of autism in children, has shown that diabetes, obesity, and fever could play a crucial and influential role in such occurrence.

» Continue Reading

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