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Promoting Filipino Healthy Lifestyle

July 4, 2022 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

More than a decade ago, Filipinos were unaware of a silent killer called obesity. They simply took having a round belly and a rotund physique lightly. Unfortunately, obesity could lead to a string of problems—from simple mobility problems to serious complications including diabetes. » Continue Reading

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Stripped to Fit!

June 5, 2022 Category :Fitness 0

Let’s face it.  Eventually you get bored of your usual fitness routine; trudging a couple of steep roads and completing five laps in the pool just won’t cut it – no, not anymore.  That is why gyms and fitness gurus have been coming up witth novel ways of burning those nasty calories and shaving off those bulging pounds by injecting fun and creativity to spice up every routine.  Among these is cardio-striptease. » Continue Reading

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Fitness Tips for Busy Bodies

February 10, 2019 Category :Fitness 0

We’ve heard it all before, isometric training, core strengthening, multi-lateral conditioning — the works! But such jargon just leaves you feeling overwhelmed and overloaded with information. So instead, you read thousands of fitness magazines, consult hundreds of experts, and dive into a diet/fitness program but still have yet to achieve the form and feel you want.

» Continue Reading

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