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How to lose Puson

August 20, 2020 Category :Fitness 0

One of the body area that is quite difficult to lose is the puson or the belly. This is very much true for both men and women. Sometimes, no matter what diet a person does, the belly stays protruded. Here are ways to lose one’s belly.

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High Fiber Filipino Foods

March 27, 2020 Category :Healthy Advocacy| Healthy Recipes 0

Practically many people are familiar that a healthy diet meal would often involved high fiber foods. This is essentially because fiber is good for digestion. Foods high in fiber are low in fats and calories which if not burned up by the body causes weight gain and obesity. Fibrous foods moreover, takes time for our bodies to digest which keeps us full longer and reduces our predilection to eat. On the other hand, insoluble fiber foods which are not processed in our digestive tract serves as stool binder that helps in our excretion of waste.

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