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Diabetes Times Two in the Family

June 27, 2022 Category :People and Places 0

Whether in politics or the sphere of music and showbiz, there are fathers who somehow bestowed their specific passion or prowess to their daughters. Take the father-daughter tandem of singers Hadji and Rachel Alejandro, politicians Renato and Pia Cayetano, Hollywood film makers Francis Ford and Sofia Coppola, and actors John Voight and daughter Angelina Jolie. In some cases, fathers and daughters share something in common apart from skill and physical resemblance. It could be a particular health condition. » Continue Reading

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Diabetes Management for Filipinos

November 13, 2020 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

One for every 25 Filipino adult is diabetic. Diabetes is a disease that many Filipinos suffer but is not given much attention. The rise of diabetes among Filipinos can be attributed to our food culture and lack of sense of urgency on the issue. For the former, rice is the staple food in the Philippines and eating pork has been part of our diet. Secondly, with the advent of many different processed foods from sodas, imported canned goods, chocolates and fast food, Filipinos have found a new way to indulge themselves to food. For the latter, most Filipino diabetics are not alarmed of the disease. Many Filipinos simply consider diabetes as a problem that goes with age.

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