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Good Diet to Diabetes Salvation

February 15, 2019 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

Marissa Sanchez, a singer/ actress/comedian, has type 2 diabetes and admitted indulging in food before. She shares that she used to eat anything and everything she wanted and craved for, and most especially, she loved rice. But then, symptoms started appearing: blurry vision, constant and unusual thirst, and going on constant bathroom trips. That was the time it was confirmed that she was diabetic and was asked by her endocrinologist, Dr. Augusto Litonjua, to change her eating habits. Although she wasn’t able to kick her usual eating habits all at once, she says that once she was able to control her food intake, she began experiencing miracles in her diabetes management.

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Love in Time of Diabetes

November 3, 2018 Category :Healthy Advocacy| People and Places 0

Situation #1: Luisa found out about her diabetes when she was in her 7th month of pregancy. Here husband, Benedict, accompanied her to the doctor for a checkup one afternoon, whe she realized that she was having a sudden attack of high blood pressure. During the test, her obstetrician suspected her of having diabetes, and advised her to see an endoctrinologist immediately. » Continue Reading

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Travel Smarts for the Jetsetting Diabetic

September 18, 2018 Category :Healthy Advocacy| Stress Busters 0

Traveling is just inevitable for humans. For some professionals, traveling to other countries is like hitting two birds with one stone—meeting with clients, and at the same, getting to explore and unearth the secrets of that destination. For the born adventure seeker, traveling may mean getting to know diverse cultures or just getting to see the sights.

All these sound so exciting, but what if diabetes might get in the way of your travel ventures? Read on and find ways on how to make your travel as smooth and enjoyable as possible even with diabetes. » Continue Reading

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Philippine Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism

September 7, 2018 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

If a person is experiencing symptoms of heart disease or stroke, he immediately seeks the medical advice of a cardiologist or a neurologist. When a patient is diagnosed with a disease involving the thyroid or pituitary glands, which physician can best address his condition? An endocrinologist, of course! » Continue Reading

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Diabetes Under the Knife

April 7, 2018 Category :Diabetes Facts 0

Having diabetes alone can sometimes amp one’s stress and anxiety meter due to insulin shots here and there, often striking at any given time and place. Adding to the anxiety is the instance when one has to undergo a surgical procedure. To clear your blurry head of questions like “How long will it take for my wound to heal?” and “Will I be able to balance my blood sugar during operation?”, here are some pointers: » Continue Reading

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A Mom Against All Odds

March 14, 2018 Category :People and Places 0

Cathelyn Sanchez, 32, a doting mother of two, is about to give birth to her first baby girl. However, she never thought that her third pregnancy would be difficult, as she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is like meeting a stranger for Cathelyn. Before learning of her condition, she didn’t realize she was expecting for the third time until she went to her OB-gyne to confirm her pregnancy. “I was three weeks delayed then,” Cathelyn says. When her doctor asked about her family history of  diabetes, Cathelyn admitted that her family had a history of the said disease. “My father has been diabetic for years and my grandmother died of the same disease,” she reveals.

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Diabetes in Pregancy

March 9, 2018 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Diabetes, whether acquired prior to or only during the pregnancy, affects both the mother and her unborn baby. For instance, it places the mother at higher risk of developing high blood pressure. Babies of mothers with poorly controlled diabetes tend to be macrosomic or large and fat. Macrosomia puts babies at risk for shoulder injuries during delivery, and low blood glucose levels immediately after they are born. » Continue Reading

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Top Diabetes Doc: Augusto Litonjua

October 20, 2017 Category :Diabetes Facts| Healthy News 1

In the medical world,when one hears the word diabetes, the name Augusto D. Litonjua could not be far behind. His name has become synonymous with diabetes not because he is diabetic, but he is considered as one of the best doctors in the field of diabetes care and treatment. Widely known in the medical community, Dr. Litonjua, an endocrinologist, has been a pioneer of various undertakings with regards to diabetes care, education and prevention. » Continue Reading

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Best Endocrinologist Doctors in the Philippines

December 5, 2012 Category :People and Places 2

Endocrinology is a branch of medical biology which primarily deals with the endocrine system including its diseases. It is a very broad field of medicine which has many sub-specialties  Among the diseases that are related to the endocrine system included the Addison’s disease, Diabetes, the Conn’s syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome, Thyroiditis, hyperparathyroidism, Osteoporosis, Pituitary adenomas, Cushing’s disease. Hypogonadism, Kallmann syndrome, Ovarian and Testicular failure, Gender identity disorder, Amenorrhea, Multiple endocrine neoplasia and Incidentaloma among many others.

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Diabetes and End-of-Life Issues

May 14, 2012 Category :Health Watch| People and Places 0

The whole world watched in shock as the last years of American Terri Schiavo played out on television screens to depict how death, or near death, could tear a family apart instead of bringing them closer together.

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