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Tagulinaw for Diabetics

July 28, 2020 Category :Diabetes Research 0

Tagulinaw is a straight or ascending plant with smooth or frugally hairy branches that can grow from 10 to 40 centimeters long. Its scientific name is Vernonia but is known to some countries as Ironweed. In the Philippines, Tagulinaw is especially recognizable as a weed with small purple flowers. The plant is a typical weed and endemic in the Philippines.

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Herbal Cure For Mouth Sores

August 12, 2017 Category :Healthy News 0

Mouth sores are one of the most painful and discomforting of all the wounds. It won’t allow you to eat and drink properly. Even talking seems to be a struggle. Sadly, there isn’t known cause for mouth ulcers. Some research say that mouth sores are common to those who has vitamin c deficiency, though that’s yet to be proven. There are certain meds available in the market to cure mouth sores, but the good news is, you may have the herbal solution right in your kitchen.

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