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Pregabalin Eases Pain from Diabetic Neuropathy

December 22, 2021 Category :Diabetes Research 0

A review of previous studies showed that pregabalin (Lyrica), a drug used for epileptic attacks, could safely and effectively relieve pain from diabetic neuropathy.

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When The World Spins Around You

May 30, 2021 Category :Diabetes Research 0

“My head feels light and I seem to be floating, as if the world is spinning round and round…” These are not the lines of a teenage love song. These are the words of somebody having a dizzy spell.And these words are echoed everyday in doctors’ clinics, oftentimes by the elderly and those with diabetes and hypertension. One out of every three persons above the age of 65 will complain of dizziness at some point. Just how important a symptom is dizziness? How is it different from vertigo? How can blood sugar and blood pressure derangements affect one’s sense of balance? The questions are endless and our ever-anxious patients need to be enlightened on the whys and the hows of dizziness. » Continue Reading

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Hyperglycemia and Vertigo

February 13, 2021 Category :Health Watch 0

Hyperglycemia is the clinical term to refer abnormally high blood glucose (blood sugar) level. A high blood sugar is generally over 100 mg/dl. Hyerglycemia would be 150 – 300 or more.

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