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Philippine Society of Diabetologists

May 16, 2020 Category :People and Places 0

The Philippine Society of Diabetologists (PSD) was founded by Dr. Ricardo Fernando in 1991 in lieu of the increasing incidence of diabetes among Filipinos and increasing number of deaths related to Diabetes among Filipinos. Dr. Fernando is also the founder of the University of the East Institute for Studies on Diabetes. The society is meant to pool health experts, medical professionals, and other scientists who specialized in diabetes in order to create a more collaborative effort among experts to fight off the disease. The Philippine Society of Diabetologists aims in pursing excellence in diabetology, the clinical science of diabetes which included it its diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Diabetology is a subspecialty of endocrinology, which is also a concerned about the potential health impact of and complications of diabetes such as retinopathy or nephropathy, among others.

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