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Navigating Adult Patient Empowerment thru Educational Strategies

January 15, 2019 Category :Healthy Advocacy 0

Diabetes Educators on the diabetes health care team play an important, albeit underutilized, role in the care of patients with diabetes. The most optimistic estimate is that less than 30% of diabetic patients receive any diabetes education at all despite the fact that diabetes is increasing in prevalence worldwide. In particular, type 2 diabetes has reached epidemic proportions over the last several decades. The 2008 National Nutrition Health Survey reported a nationwide prevalence of 4.8% based on fasting blood sugar alone. Worldwide, the International Diabetes Federation estimated the global prevalence as 6.6%.

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Diabetes Clinics in Manila

January 27, 2013 Category :Healthy News 1

As diabetes becomes an epidemic disease, especially among Filipinos, practically all of the leading hospital institutions in Metro Manila has a endocrinologist or a diabetic specialist in their rolls. Many Filipinos, however, remain undiagnosed, or worse are not giving sufficient concern and attention to the fatality of such diseases until it’s too late. That diabetes has become so common, practically all diagnostic testing centers have included sugar testing as part of their standard examination procedures.

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