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How to Motivate Young Diabetics?

October 29, 2020 Category :General Wellness 0

Diabetes disease is a plague that affects approximately 15,000 children every year. Because of this more and more children are suffering from diabetes, which can disrupt the conduct of their regular lives. The key to motivating young diabetics is to achieve a sense of self-efficacy or confidence among them so that that can attain self-care especially relating to their food choices.

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Sammy Lagmay and Diabetes

August 23, 2020 Category :People and Places 0

Sammy Lagmay is one of the many Filipino showbiz personalities who suffered from diabetes. Lagmay was a comedian actor who recently died from complications due to diabetes at a young age of 55. He was famous for his roles in Chika Chika Chicks,” “Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata,” “Pilya En Da Pilot,” “Oki Doki Doc,” “Pwedeng-Pwede,” and “Aalog-Alog” and other TV sitcoms. He was another testament that diabetes disease does not discriminate against anyone.

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